Est. 2018

chelsea lewinski

about the artist

Chelsea is a 27 year old artist born and raised in Denver, Colorado. She started drawing in middle school after taking an art class as an elective. From that moment on she filled up hundreds of sketchbooks. Over the last 2 years she’s dedicated most of her time to improving her portraits. Her favorite medium is acrylic paint; however, she loves drawing with pencils, sharpies, and most recently her Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Looking back on the last few years, she’s participated in multiple art shows, chalk festivals, released four different calendars, multiple art collections, and launched her first website. Her inspiration comes from anything and everything, but music is the one thing that remains consistent in her art. When she doesn’t have the words, music has always been there for her. She looks up to artists who are capable of spilling their heart out over a perfect beat. Artists who use their voice to speak about love and war. She feels most inspired and in her element when she has a paint brush in her hand and the volume is turned all the way up. Her mission in life is to pour her heart out over the perfect canvas to create that same feeling for someone else, and to motivate and inspire someone to do something that they are passionate about, even when the odds are set against them.